Why Us


Education consultants at Golden Key are fluent in English, Mandarin or Cantonese, are able to effectively communicate with parents and students, and understand their needs and expectations. Moreover, as the bridge between parents and tutors, the consultant can help increase communication between them, so that tutors can clearly understand parents’ expectations and parents can find out about their kids’ learning situation and rest easy. Our consultants are familiar with the education system in BC, and are able to answer parents’ questions about education at any time. In addition, consultants know very well what problems students often have when it comes to learning, and are able to make assessments for them with pinpoint accuracy. Every single education consultant at Golden Key serves students in a professional, serious, responsible, reliable, and sincerely caring manner.

Golden Key Tutor’s unique evaluation system not only assesses the student in terms of subject knowledge, but also in terms of non-intellectual factors that affect learning. The student’s personality, learning style, studying habits, motivation, and interests will all be comprehensively analyzed. Assessment results from the evaluation system will be very helpful when the tutor makes the personalized tutoring plan.

Golden Key Tutor has an elite team of tutors. All of them were only hired after multiple levels of strict screening. This ensures that all the tutors are the very best, whether it comes to quality of tutoring or tutoring attitude, thereby ensuring that students are provided with high-quality tutoring.

In order to serve parents and students in a reliable and satisfactory manner, Golden Key Tutor pays attention to every single detail pertaining to students. Students’ success gives us the greatest pleasure, and is also what motivates us to maintain a high standard of service.