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I must say that my son has made a lot of improvement in a very short period of time.  In the past few month, my son can speak more, write more, as well as read a lot more English articles.  His communication skill in English has developed as well. I am glad that I made […]

Stanley was hardworking, caring, responsible, and dedicated. He would go the extra mile to provide quality teaching, bringing creativity and enthusiasm to each class. He understood the needs of my child and tailored his teaching to meet those needs. Before starting lessons with Stanley, my child would be intimidated to speak English in public and […]

I am very glad to meet you and Golden Key Tutor! You have gave me a lot of inspiration and help in both Harry’s study and my parenting methods! I am sure these appropriate teaching methods would benefit us for lifelong! I am very thankful for your company! If anyone of my friends needs a […]